How to reformat JSON in Notepad++?

Update: As of Notepad++ v7.6, use Plugin Admin to install JSTool per this answer INSTALL Download it from and copy JSMinNpp.dll to plugin directory of Notepad++. Or you can just install “JSTool” from Plugin Manager in Notepad++. New Notepad++ install and where did PluginManager go? See How to view Plugin Manager in Notepad++ Tip: …

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How do you get a timestamp in JavaScript?

Short & Snazzy: A unary operator like plus triggers the valueOf method in the Date object and it returns the timestamp (without any alteration). Details: On almost all current browsers you can use to get the UTC timestamp in milliseconds; a notable exception to this is IE8 and earlier (see compatibility table). You can …

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ORA-00979 not a group by expression

You must put all columns of the SELECT in the GROUP BY or use functions on them which compress the results to a single value (like MIN, MAX or SUM). A simple example to understand why this happens: Imagine you have a database like this: and you run SELECT * FROM table GROUP BY foo. …

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Unity remote 5 not working

Ehmm…. I tried everything and then gave up. After a while i updated Unity and it just started working, so yeah. Sorry for wasting your time, but there wasn’t any mention that i might just update the engine on the entire internet and i was using Unity 5.4 and Unity Remote 5

How do I use MySQL through XAMPP?

XAMPP only offers MySQL (Database Server) & Apache (Webserver) in one setup and you can manage them with the xampp starter. After the successful installation navigate to your xampp folder and execute the xampp-control.exe Press the start Button at the mysql row. Now you’ve successfully started mysql. Now there are 2 different ways to administrate …

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What is print(f”…”)

The f means Formatted string literals and it’s new in Python 3.6. A formatted string literal or f-string is a string literal that is prefixed with ‘f’ or ‘F’. These strings may contain replacement fields, which are expressions delimited by curly braces {}. While other string literals always have a constant value, formatted strings are …

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