PhpStorm Reset Trial


For Reset PHP Storm free trial reset for windows OS, copy below code and save use .bat extension like “jetbrainsTrialReset.bat“.

@echo off
REM Delete eval folder with licence key and options.xml which contains a reference to it
for %%I in ("WebStorm", "IntelliJ", "CLion", "Rider", "GoLand", "PhpStorm", "Resharper", "PyCharm") do (
    for /d %%a in ("%APPDATA%\JetBrains\%%I*") do (
        rd /s /q "%%a/eval"
        del /q "%%a\options\other.xml"

reg delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\jetbrains" /f

Run .bat file.


if you use mac operating system and want to reset PhpStormTrial. Copy below code and save with .sh extension like and run


echo "removing evaluation key"
rm ~/.IntelliJIdea15/config/eval/idea15.evaluation.key
# for mac go to: /Users/username/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea2016.3/eval/idea163.evaluation.key

echo "resetting evalsprt in options.xml"
sed -i '/evlsprt/d' ~/.IntelliJIdea15/config/options/options.xml
# for mac go to: /Users/lzhoucs/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea2016.3/options/options.xml

echo "resetting evalsprt in prefs.xml"
sed -i '/evlsprt/d' ~/.java/.userPrefs/prefs.xml
# for windows, delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\jetbrains\idea
# for mac
defaults delete 2> /dev/null

for f in ~/Library/Preferences/jetbrains.*.plist; do
    if [[ -f $f ]]; then
        fn=${f##*/}; key=${fn%.plist}
        echo delete $key from pref and file $f
        defaults delete "${fn%.plist}" 2>/dev/null && rm "$f"


To reset PhpStorm Trial From Linux OS just uses these commands:

rm -rf ~/.config/JetBrains/*
rm -rf ~/.local/share/JetBrains/consentOptions
rm -rf ~/.java/.userPrefs

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