C# function to return array

You’re trying to return variable Labels of type ArtworkData instead of array, therefore this needs to be in the method signature as its return type. You need to modify your code as such: Array[] is actually an array of Array, if that makes sense.

How to return a string from a C++ function?

You never give any value to your strings in main so they are empty, and thus obviously the function returns an empty string. Replace: with: Also, you have several problems in your replaceSubstring function: std::string::find returns a std::string::size_type (aka. size_t) not an int. Two differences: size_t is unsigned, and it’s not necessarily the same size as an int depending on your platform (eg. on 64 bits Linux or …

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Return value in a Bash function

Although Bash has a return statement, the only thing you can specify with it is the function’s own exit status (a value between 0 and 255, 0 meaning “success”). So return is not what you want. You might want to convert your return statement to an echo statement – that way your function output could be captured using $() braces, which seems to be exactly what you want. Here is …

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Best way to return multiple values from a function? [closed]

Named tuples were added in 2.6 for this purpose. Also see os.stat for a similar builtin example. In recent versions of Python 3 (3.6+, I think), the new typing library got the NamedTuple class to make named tuples easier to create and more powerful. Inheriting from typing.NamedTuple lets you use docstrings, default values, and type annotations. Example (From the docs):