WordPress: LinkedIn Posting Link doesn’t show meta og description or title

I’m not having any trouble with your title tag, but your description tag is definitely missing. LinkedIn provides two levels, which each are triggered in their own way, but they are mutually exclusive…

  • Level 1
    • If you supply: og:image tags.
    • The preview shows: title, url, image.
  • Level 2
    • If you supply: no og:image tags, but an og:description tag.
    • The preview shows: title, url, description.

Your site is using level 1…

The Official Microsoft LinkedIn Share Documentation makes no mention of these levels. But I have been informed by LinkedIn support staff that they exist, and experimentation seems to confirm it.

Example: Wikipedia has og:description and is missing og:image, so, sharing Wikipedia shows the description. But GitHub has both og:description and og:image, so, sharing GitHub shows the image.

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