Moving WordPress with Super Skeleton theme


  1. Install and activate your Theme on the new server
  2. (Optional) Export/Import Theme options, either via the Theme itself (if the Theme provides options export/import), or by copying the Theme’s entry, and the {themename}_theme_mods entry, in the wp_options DB table, and then importing to the new server. Doing this manually will require direct SQL access, e.g. using PHPMyAdmin)
  3. Export site content from the old server, using WordPress exporter
  4. Import site content to the new server, using WordPress importer

It appears that Step 2 is where you’re having a problem. Unfortunately, that step is largely out-of-scope for WPSE. And since you’re using a commercial Theme, we don’t have access to the Theme to be able to guide you with respect to what exact wp_options table entries to look for in a manual export/import.