Duplicate Slugs on multilingual site (with Polylang)

  1. Go on your back-office, and go on Polylang (Languages) Settings.
  2. Then, on URL modifications, check if the option “The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks” is checked.
  3. If not, check it.
  4. Then click on Save changes.
    Now, you should see this option below : “Share slugs Activated”

“Allows to share the same URL slug across languages for posts and terms. The module is automatically deactivated when using plain permalinks or when the language is set from the content in the URL modifications.”

Now you should be able to have the same url slug across different
languages. It works on my website. With these settings, I can obtain:

example.com/about-us/ (main language)

example.com/en/about-us/ (translated content)

However, I dont recommend you to use the same slug across different languages. It’s not a good practice and harm the SEO of your website.

Hope it helps !