Open File in Another Directory (Python)

If you know the full path to the file you can just do something similar to this. However if you question directly relates to relative paths, that I am unfamiliar with and would have to research and test. Edit: Here is a way to do it relatively instead of absolute. Not sure if this works …

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body background color not showing?

Comment your Bootstrap include and see if the body is applied. You should try to test with the minimal amount of code first and then add in things. If that doesn’t work, you can use an inspector in Firefox or Chrome to see what CSS effects are applied. You also may want to use the …

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Undefined variable: $_SESSION

Turned out there was some extra code in the AppModel that was messing things up: in beforeFind and afterFind: I don’t know why, but that was what the problem was. Removing those lines fixed the issue I was having.

XOR in SQL Server

You can implement a XOR like this – don’t forget that the question will require you to use <= to correctly use the XOR operator: