Disable image compression for WebP

It does cover webp as well. From several google pages the default compression was 86. You could also test to confirm by uploading a few with different settings in your functions. This issue on Github shows they changed the default quality to 82. https://github.com/WordPress/performance/issues/563. We can see that webp images use the same quality value … Read more

How to create specific wordpress Table

There are probably a great number of ways to create such table. It is rather difficult to give an exact answer without knowing all the requirements and specifications. Here are some general level ideas that should get you started. First of all you’ll probably want to create a custom plugin to host all the relevant … Read more

search posts by POST ID

The function you are using might not be working because WordPress’s search functionality has been updated, and it’s recommended to use WordPress’s WP_Query class to modify the main query. Here’s a better and safer way to search by post ID using pre_get_posts hook: function search_by_post_id($query) { if($query->is_search) { if(is_numeric($query->query_vars[‘s’])) { $query->set(‘post_type’, ‘any’); $query->set(‘post__in’, array((int)$query->query_vars[‘s’])); $query->set(‘s’, … Read more

Elementor Contact Form Submit button has empty class

You can add below code in your JS file and replace the class demo with class name you want to add. I have made this code as per the structure in the URL you have shared above. jQuery(“#content-form-b1e59dc”).find(“button”).addClass(“demo”);

Duplicate Slugs on multilingual site (with Polylang)

Go on your back-office, and go on Polylang (Languages) Settings. Then, on URL modifications, check if the option “The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks” is checked. If not, check it. Then click on Save changes. Now, you should see this option below : “Share slugs Activated” “Allows to share the … Read more