Author Profile URL

To change all author URLs one would normally change the author base, however, since you want multiple author bases, we’ll have to do things a bit differently. There are two parts to this – The first part is getting WordPress to recognize incoming requests for your custom author pages and route them properly. To do …

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Setting two top level domains for multisite

What I basically did was the following: Used Domain Mapping plugin in wp-config.php – Changed DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE and NOBLOGREDIRECT to $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] as per what @toscho suggested in wp-config.php – Added: define(‘DOMAINMAPPING_ALLOWMULTI’, ‘yes’); // Allow sites to have multiple domains define(‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’); // Domain mapping plugin activation mapped relevant to relevant The main site can …

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Custom Post Type .current-menu-item not applying on Custom Post Type Archive Page

I found an answer by searching in similar posts and links. I added a line to fit my needs (I wanted to prevent my blog page to get highlited when on a custom post).See this line: unset($classes[array_search(‘current_page_parent’,$classes)]); Solution function add_parent_url_menu_class( $classes = array(), $item = false ) { // Get current URL $current_url = current_url(); …

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Child-theme breaks site

Your parent theme is probably broken. I guess it is using code like this: require_once get_stylesheet_directory() . ‘/admin/options-framework.php’; So it will search in the child theme for files that are present in the parent theme only. It should use get_template_directory() instead.