Tags being Inserted in html from plugin PHP not passing through the_content

While I don’t think anyone can solve the source of the issue without poking around the codebase, I think the (untested) code below may solve the impact. Use output buffering to store the <script>, and then remove all the new lines and extra whitespace (tabs, line breaks, multiple spaces). function i13woo_extra_checkout_fields() { ob_start(); ?> <script> … Read more

Is there a hook that I can use when a fatal error occurs?

Look into the WP_Fatal_Error_Handler class. I see a couple of filters in its display_default_error_template() method that might be helpful for you: wp_php_error_args wp_php_error_message The entire class is a drop-in, so if you need to you can replace it entirely with your own version, but I think one of those filters—probably wp_php_error_args—might be what you’re looking … Read more