How to reduce uncached page generation time?

there is no simple general answer for this, as it depends on what is causing the issue. Best way is to check your page using some Insights tool: They will tell you where the issue is. Big images are commonly a big issue – there are many converters to WebP format, that will … Read more

Sharing plugin tables between 2 sites in the same database

I’ve created an alternative wp-config.php and renamed to wp-config2.php with the same configuration except for the table prefix. Then I tried by editing all the plugin files. At the top of each file I found: if ( ! defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) { exit; // Exit if accessed directly! } And I replaced it for: … Read more

This SQL request call all time and overload my server : SELECT meta_value FROM wp_sitemeta WHERE meta_key = ‘wp_installer_network’ AND site_id = 1

What is it It’s most likely a part of the WPML. This is based on a quick copy paste of wp_installer_network into the github search box. There’s also a small chance this is the Types plugin, but you mentioned you had a multilingual plugin installed. No references to wp_installer_network are found in WordPress itself. and … Read more

Database Queries are crashing the server

It seems like you’re experiencing slow queries after migrating your website to Hostinger. The query you provided is an update statement for the wp_options table in a WordPress site. This query appears to be related to the Freemius API, which is a monetization platform for WordPress plugin and theme developers. Here are some steps to … Read more