Taxonomy Extra Meta [duplicate]

You should be able to do something like this:

add_action("manage_posts_custom_column", "my_custom_columns");
add_filter("manage_edit-[POSTTYPE]_columns", "my_new_columns");

function my_new_columns($columns)
    $columns = array(
        "image" => "Image"
    return $columns;

function my_custom_columns($column)
    global $post;
    if ("ID" == $column) echo $post->ID;
    elseif ("image" == $column) echo 'default_value';

Then you should be able to use $tax_term->image to show it.

This is untested but see this article for more info. Also look into the hooks manage_edit-post_type_columns and manage_posts_custom_column You may also want to edit the code to show an image upload field instead of a text field but it at least gets you started.