WordPress is creating a lot of draft posts

A good place to start with an issue like this is using debug mode in WP. https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress

If you know exactly which action triggers the creation of a draft post, then it is repeatable and you have a basis for a solution. Based on your question, “whenever I load the posts page” is what creates your unwanted drafts. Not sure exactly what you mean by that as it could be interpreted to mean a few different things.

Deactivate all plugins – test if a draft is created when you “load the posts page”. If no draft is created, it is a plugin issue.

Reactivate plugins one at a time and retest each time until you locate the problem.

If deactivating plugins does not stop the auto-draft behavior, the problem is likely theme related. Switching themes will isolate that issue separately.