posts blocks don’t show up correctly

On the broken page, your per-item div looks like <div itemscope=”” itemtype=”” class=”edd_download” id=”edd_download_28068″ style=”width: 33.3%; float: left;”> That width: 33.3% is wrong: the containing <div class=”edd_downloads_list edd_download_columns_3″> already does the three column layout, so this extra width style means each item should only use a third of the width of the column. You need … Read more

Adding Blocks within Blocks

If you’re talking about nested Gutenberg blocks, you only need to add the InnerBlocks component. I think this is what you’re looking for : Here you have all the code you need and most of the use cases. Hope it helps !

Edit Page button is gone

Check under settings -> reading and select the page where you want to show your blog posts. Then this becomes your blog page. You can set it to the home page or choose a static page for your home page. See more info here: You usually can’t change the layout/content of the blog page … Read more