FreeMat : How different is it from Octave?

In short, both GNU Octave and FreeMat are open-source alternatives to MATLAB. However, Octave is more mature and has wider community support. I also found this interesting article that compares MATLAB, Octave, FreeMat and SciLab. It does point out a few issues against FreeMat: It doesn’t support some functions (such as kron and pcg). It has limited 3-D graphics capabilities … Read more

Difference between disp and fprintf

For disp, it displays the value of variable. For example Another example. Note, ‘example’ can be seen as a variable Reference: For fprintf, if you are talking about displaying to the screen, the format is fprintf(formatSpec,A1,…,An) formats data and displays the results on the screen. The difference to disp is that it doesn’t display … Read more

First differences filter

First, you should read up on Matlab’s documentation of the filter function. If you just want to take a first difference, what you’re looking to generate is the series: Which corresponds to the vector a = 1, and b = [1, -1], so your Matlab code would look like:

What is the default MATLAB Color Order?

Good question! There is a default colour order for MATLAB. Take note that versions before R2014b, the default colour order for MATLAB uses the jet colour map. In the jet colour map, the first plot is blue, followed by the second plot being green. For versions after R2014b, this follows the parula colour map, where … Read more