How to hide unwanted HTML Comment like in website [duplicate]

Even when WordPress is actually hiding comments in your source code by instant, it could be possible that plugins or yourself put other comments into your code. However that happened, you can delete them manually from your Theme / Child-Theme or minify the HTML-Code. A Plugin like Autoptimize will help your minify the HTML-Code and …

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WordPress HTML editor panel is not showing HTML elements

You can switch back and forth between the editors as much as you want. But the <p></p> tags usually don’t show up in the HTML edit view unless there’s special styling applied to the paragraph (i.e. font size, color, alignment). Let’s say you have the following in the HTML editor: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, …

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Post title appears twice in browser title bar

check Two title tags in my header there is already add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ ); in functions.php file. the wp_title() tag in the header is automatically added.copy your parent theme header.php to your child theme and delete the wp_title() tag in the header.php

How to display html code normally?

You have in the main editor, 2 modes: visual tab Text tab I think you have published your post (or page) under “Text” mode. What you have to do is to cut all the html code in “Text” mode tab. Then you have to set the editor in “Visual” mode tab, and to paste your …

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