Virus injected to my wordpress site

Although hacked sites are not within scope here (and your question will be closed because of that policy), there are questions here about hacked sites that have answers that will be helpful (I’ve written a couple of them). Cleanup is time-consuming, but possible. Generally – Change passwords on everything, including your admin-level user and hosting … Read more

How to link and display an “example.php”?

To expand on Tom’s answer, you need to understand how templates are used by WordPress. They are the framework that ‘builds’ the page output. You use a template by creating a page, then selecting that template. Start here to learn about templates Note that you should only create templates in your Child Theme. If … Read more

Moving from Microsoft Front Page 2003 to WordPress

Design your layout front-end. Integrate it to WordPress. (Make it WordPress Theme) Create custom post types and custom contents, custom page templates as per your requirements. Buy new hosting & point your domain’s nameserver to new host. Upload your files & Enjoy. You’ve done it. 😉

How could i open two url with one hyperlink click [closed]

<a href=”#” onclick=”‘’);‘’);”>Click to open Google and Yahoo</a> Please note this will not work if pop-up are disabled – the most you will get is one window. For testing disale your popup blocker in your browser. Note that site visitors who have popups enabled will not see both urls open.