Duplicate Slugs on multilingual site (with Polylang)

Go on your back-office, and go on Polylang (Languages) Settings. Then, on URL modifications, check if the option “The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks” is checked. If not, check it. Then click on Save changes. Now, you should see this option below : “Share slugs Activated” “Allows to share the … Read more

Keeping shortcode-generated widget and theme element in one line [closed]

To get rid of the bullets and change the alingment you’ll need CSS. For the top portion: aside.widget_polylang.amr_widget, aside.widget_polylang.amr_widget ul, aside.widget_polylang.amr_widget li { /** align with li */ display: inline-block; float:right; /** remove bullets */ list-style: none; } ul.social-icons { /** align with li */ display: inline-block; float: right; } For the bottom portion: aside.widget_polylang … Read more

Polylang – display one post into 3 categories with different lang [closed]

to retrieve all posts of all languages in a category, you need to desactivate the auto-translate during the request. you can try that : $categories = get_the_category(); $category_id = $categories[0]->cat_ID; remove_filter( ‘get_terms_args’, array( PLL()->auto_translate, ‘get_terms_args’ ), 10, 2 ); $posts = []; foreach (pll_languages_list() as $language_code) { $posts = array_merge( $posts , get_posts([ “category” => … Read more

Language switcher with flags – Polylang WP plugin

In meantime, maybe I have on.. I do not want to use some big scripts or something so I did this simple one.. I will write here if somebody else need it.. 1.) I create sidebar in my theme, and add it to header <div class=”drop-dl”> <a class=”lang-chose” href=”#”><img src=””> Chose language</a> <?php get_sidebar(); ?> … Read more

Polylang non translatable custom taxonomy

It seems that the plugin Media Library Assistant is deliberately setting its custom taxonomy category_attachment as translatable by means of configuration file wpml-config.xml. Therefore changing the line <taxonomy translate=”1″>attachment_category</taxonomy> to <taxonomy translate=”0″>attachment_category</taxonomy> should do the trick. However I did not try myself because I’m not sure of what happens to existing taxonomy terms having a … Read more

why custom post archive gives always no more than 10 posts despite of paging settings?

Ok, found the issue. By analizing the generated query, I realized that it rightly searched for current language posts. I’m currently use polylang as the multilingual plugin, and it correctly associate posts with a ‘language’ taxonomy. Now, I had far more 10 project posts but only 10 where of the current language. All fine now.