Everytime I run gulp anything, I get a assertion error. – Task function must be specified

Gulp 4.0 has changed the way that tasks should be defined if the task depends on another task to execute. The list parameter has been deprecated.

An example from your gulpfile.js would be:

// Starts a BrowerSync instance
gulp.task('server', ['build'], function(){
  browser.init({server: './_site', port: port});

Instead of the list parameter they have introduced gulp.series() and gulp.parallel().

This task should be changed to something like this:

// Starts a BrowerSync instance
gulp.task('server', gulp.series('build', function(){
  browser.init({server: './_site', port: port});

I’m not an expert in this. You can see a more robust example in the gulp documentation for running tasks in series or these following excellent blog posts by Jhey Thompkins and Stefan Baumgartner


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