‘foo’ was not declared in this scope c++

In C++ you are supposed to declare functions before you can use them. In your code integrate is not declared before the point of the first call to integrate. The same applies to sum. Hence the error. Either reorder your definitions so that function definition precedes the first call to that function, or introduce a [forward] non-defining declaration for each function.

Additionally, defining external non-inline functions in header files in a no-no in C++. Your definitions of SkewNormalEvalutatable::SkewNormalEvalutatable, getSkewNormal, integrate etc. have no business being in header file.

Also SkewNormalEvalutatable e(); declaration in C++ declares a function e, not an object e as you seem to assume. The simple SkewNormalEvalutatable e; will declare an object initialized by default constructor.

Also, you receive the last parameter of integrate (and of sum) by value as an object of Evaluatable type. That means that attempting to pass SkewNormalEvalutatable as last argument of integrate will result in SkewNormalEvalutatable getting sliced to Evaluatable. Polymorphism won’t work because of that. If you want polymorphic behavior, you have to receive this parameter by reference or by pointer, but not by value.

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