Homepage Menu Link Won’t Function

This function in /themes/lucid-press-child/js/custom-js.js is your problem.

function homepageNavigationClasses(){
        //jQuery('#navigation a').not('.sub-menu a').click(function(event){
        jQuery('#navigation a').click(function(event){

            var clickedLink = jQuery(this).text();
            clickedLink = clickedLink.replace(/\s/g,'');

                jQuery('html, body').animate({
                    scrollTop: jQuery("#"+clickedLink).offset().top - 400
                }, 500);

                jQuery('#navigation li').removeClass('active-hp-section');

It’s looking for a ID to scroll the page too but it doesn’t have one because its an external link.

You could create a child theme and re-write the function. But the following solution is probably simpler.

Go to Admin > Appearance > Customize > Menus and manually add the page class to the “CSS Classes” field. This will add the class to the list item of the link and now your link will function as normal.

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