How would I get this to work – send to post from thick box

The correct way to do this is to: $(‘#upload-background-image-one’).click(function() { formfield = $(‘#background-size-one’).attr(‘name’); tb_show(”, ‘media-upload.php?type=image&TB_iframe=true’); // Take the selected image and insert only the src path into the text field. window.send_to_editor = function(html) { img_url = $(‘img’, html).attr(‘src’); $(‘#background-size-one’).val(img_url); tb_remove(); } return false; }); because when you click on a button you instantiate a call …

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Displaying contents of a tab

You have been answered in stackoverflow in the following way: <div id=”tab-one” style=”display: none”>Tab1 info 1 content</div> <div id=”tab-two” style=”display: none”>Tab1 info 2 content</div> <div id=”tab-three” style=”display: none”>Tab1 info 3 content</div> <ul class=”side bar tabs”> <li class=”one”>Tab1 info 1</li> <li class=”two”>Tab1 info 2</li> <li class=”three”>Tab1 info 3</li> </ul> You should run your query in while …

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Creating custom URL for async content

In general the pretty permalinks are domain of Rewrite API in WordPress. But they convert the links into query variables for back–end PHP side of it. Hashbang links are domain of JavaScript. It is impossible to say how easy would be to change them, without very specific knowledge of how theme’s JS implements them.