Is it possible to disable html code error auto fixing feature by wordpress 4.9.1?

I’ve found the solution for this referencing this site WordPress Multisite only allows unfiltered_html capabilities for super admin, which explains why administrators and editors HTML keeps disappearing. I decided to use ‘Unfiltered MU’ WordPress plugin to allow unfiltered_html for admin and editor role

Is this possible? A multisite with “” and “” (two directories deep)

Yes, your requirements are possible. As addition, you can also use different domains for each language, like if you need also relationsships betweent the posts of different sites, in your context languages, you can realize this via custom code or an existing plugin, like Multilingual Press.

If statement in wp-config.php, is it possible?

Following on from the comments thread… Here’s a method I’ve used for a long time for handling the ‘not ideal’ scenario of different configurations between environments. The following is a heavily cut-down representation of wp-config.php but it demonstrates the idea… <?php /** * The base configurations of the WordPress. * * This file has the …

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