How to set 777 permission on a particular folder? [closed]

777 is a permission in Unix based system with full read/write/execute permission to owner, group and everyone.. in general we give this permission to assets which are not much needed to be hidden from public on a web server, for example images..

You said I am using windows 7. if that means that your web server is Windows based then you should login to that and right click the folder and set permissions to everyone and if you are on a windows client and server is unix/linux based then use some ftp software and in the parent directory right click and change the permission for the folder.

If you want permission to be set on sub-directories too then usually their is option to set permission recursively use that.

And, if you feel like doing it from command line the use putty and login to server and go to the parent directory includes and write the following command

chmod 0777 module_installation/

for recursive

chmod -R 0777 module_installation/

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