How to connect to database from Unity

Please disregard any security risks with this approach Do not do it like this. It doesn’t matter if security will come before or after. You will end of re-writing the whole code because the password is hard-coded in your application which can be decompiled and retrieved easily. Do the connection the correct way now so that you won’t … Read more

Linq: GroupBy, Sum and Count

I don’t understand where the first “result with sample data” is coming from, but the problem in the console app is that you’re using SelectMany to look at each item in each group. I think you just want: The use of First() here to get the product name assumes that every product with the same product code has the same … Read more

A field initializer cannot reference the nonstatic field, method, or property

This line: You cannot use an instance variable to initialize another instance variable. Why? Because the compiler can rearrange these – there is no guarantee that reminder will be initialized before defaultReminder, so the above line might throw a NullReferenceException. Instead, just use: Alternatively, set up the value in the constructor: There are more details about this compiler error on MSDN – Compiler Error … Read more

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C# int to byte[]

The RFC is just trying to say that a signed integer is a normal 4-byte integer with bytes ordered in a big-endian way. Now, you are most probably working on a little-endian machine and BitConverter.GetBytes() will give you the byte[] reversed. So you could try: For the code to be most portable, however, you can do it like this: