C# int to byte[]

The RFC is just trying to say that a signed integer is a normal 4-byte integer with bytes ordered in a big-endian way. Now, you are most probably working on a little-endian machine and BitConverter.GetBytes() will give you the byte[] reversed. So you could try: For the code to be most portable, however, you can do it like this:

mount: nfs access denied by server

Am trying to mount a NFS device in my linux machine. My /etc/fstab is like this, /var/spool/newnfs nfs rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,noatime 1 0 My /etc/mtab is like this, /var/spool/newnfs nfs rw,addr= 0 0 I have enabled NFS in my NAS device. When i type mount ” mount -t nfs -v /var/spool/newnfs/” I get like … Read more