How to configure Eclipse CDT for cmake?

In Eclipse-CDT you do not create cmake projects but you import cmake projects. This is what you should do: Say the source of your CMake project named “Planner” is located in D:/javaworkspace/src/Planner Create a folder (the folders NEED to be parallel to each other): D:/javaworkspace/build/Planner Go to the folder D:/javaworkspace/build/Planner and run CMake using the Eclipse generator: cmake ../../src/Planner -G”Eclipse CDT4 … Read more

Member declaration not found

“Member declaration not found” is an error produced by the Eclipse static analysis tool (codan). If you get this error, but the compilation succeeds this is a false positive. Older versions of this tool are known to give some false positives, see for example this bug report. So I recommend updating Eclipse CDT to the most … Read more

Eclipse CDT project built but “Launch Failed. Binary Not Found”

I think I found solution – proper binary parser must be selected so Eclipse can recognize the executable: Select the project, then right-click. Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->Binary Parsers, PE Windows Parser. I.e. if Cygwin compiler is used then Cygwin parser should be used. That worked for me at least for Cross-compiler (both on Windows 7 and Ubuntu … Read more