Update g++ but still old version

Installing a newer (or older) version of GCC than the Ubuntu default version via the package manager does not delete the default version. You get both. You can install as many versions as you like. gcc/g++ will continue to run the default version. If you have installed GCC 7, then you run the new compilers with gcc-7 or g++-7. For …

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What is a .h.gch file?

A .gch file is a precompiled header. If a .gch is not found then the normal header files will be used. However, if your project is set to generate pre-compiled headers it will make them if they don’t exist and use them in the next build. Sometimes the *.h.gch will get corrupted or contain outdated information, so deleting that file and …

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Compiling C++11 with g++

Flags (or compiler options) are nothing but ordinary command line arguments passed to the compiler executable. Assuming you are invoking g++ from the command line (terminal): $ g++ -std=c++11 your_file.cpp -o your_program or $ g++ -std=c++0x your_file.cpp -o your_program if the above doesn’t work.

What does “-Wall” in “g++ -Wall test.cpp -o test” do?

It’s short for “warn all” — it turns on (almost) all the warnings that g++ can tell you about. Typically a good idea, especially if you’re a beginner, because understanding and fixing those warnings can help you fix lots of different kinds of problems in your code.

How to install g++ in Cygwin?

Finally I could find the answer in this link. If one uses the MinGW installation file again, one can add some other packages. I installed all Devel packages for MinGW and followed this tutorial which helped me to solve the problem.

Difference between and

The cstring header provides functions for dealing with C-style strings — null-terminated arrays of characters. This includes functions like strlen and strcpy. It’s the C++ version of the classic string.h header from C. The string header provides the std::string class and related functions and operators. The headers have similar names, but they’re not really related …

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