Using SUBSTITUTE with wildcard characters

To illustrate my issue, use the following simple example. I want to be able to replace any text that comes between “replace” and “that” to “it is done”. For example, the two following strings: to this string using the SUBSTITUTE function in excel using wildcard characters. This is the formula that I’m using: The formula …

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Declaring variables in Excel Cells

You can name cells. This is done by clicking the Name Box (that thing next to the formula bar which says “A1” for example) and typing a name, such as, “myvar”. Now you can use that name instead of the cell reference:

Is there Infinity in Spreadsheets?

I like to use 1e99 as it gives the largest number with the fewest keystrokes but I believe the absolute maximum is actually 9.99999E+307. At that stage of the number spectrum I don’t think there is much difference as far as Excel is concerned.