How to acces the twitter user profile link?

You can take below steps as guideline. After logged in user, you can display one form to add twitter URL. After submitting that form by user, add this form info by using add_user_meta for logged in user. Reference; add_user_meta And added information will get by get_user_meta

Add a twitter feed to my WordPress website

If you have a widget area assigned at the left hand side, then there are many plugins for the purpose: Mini Twitter Feed WD Twitter Feed Twitter Feed Widget Tweet Tweet Feed Super Simple Twitter Feed Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget Twitter Feed: Embedded Timeline WordPress Plugin Just install any of them from Plugins > … Read more

Why isn’t my Twitter widget working in my theme?

It is hard to say for sure with those floating sidebars, CSS is huge pain to work through. On the outer layer whole div that holds your widget has display: none; property applied and there are couple more places with same property applied to parts of twitter widget. Overall this seems like a huge CSS … Read more

Publishing tweets from wordpress [closed]

I think Twitter Tools offers most of what you ask. Whenever you post something, you can choose if Twitter Tools should post it to twitter or not. As far as I know, you can’t tweet posts from a specific tag or category. But you do have control over which specific posts should be twitted. Also, … Read more