Insert a group block inside a list item

My solution is to use CSS to simulate numbers (or bullets) on a group (which is a <div>). So I first created groups within groups, and then I added CSS class on the topmost group: .numbered-list { counter-reset: item; } And for each item, the group has this class: .numbered-list-item { } .numbered-list-item:before { content: …

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Dynamic archive of posts by date

Please note that I have now resolved this issue. For whomever is interested, please find my code below (I’ve included everything to a shortcode to facilitate adding it anywhere I want): function archiveday() { $x=1; do { $result = date(‘l jS F Y’,strtotime(“-$x days”)); $year= date(‘Y’,strtotime(“-$x days”)); $month= date(‘n’,strtotime(“-$x days”)); $day= date(‘j’,strtotime(“-$x days”)); $my_query2 = …

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ACF Plugin WP with list-group – Vimeo [closed]

This code is right ? <?php if(get_field(‘yo’)): ?> <div class=”list-group”> <?php while(has_sub_field(‘yo’)): ?> <a href=”#” data-id=”vimeo-player-1″ data-seek=”<?php the_sub_field(‘dataseek_meta’); ?>” class=”timecode list-group-item list-group-item-action”><i class=”fa fa-play-circle-o” aria-hidden=”true”></i><?php the_sub_field(‘seek_name’); ?><span class=”badge”><?php the_sub_field(‘dataseek’); ?></span></a> <?php endwhile; ?> Thanks

Moving Blog and Changing URL

Take a look at my plugin T5 All URIs. It prints all current URIs for posts and terms. From function print_term_uris(): $terms = get_terms( get_taxonomies(), array ( ‘hide_empty’ => FALSE, ‘get’ => ‘all’ ) ); foreach ( $terms as $term ) { print “\n” . get_term_link( $term ); } But if you keep the same …

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Foreach giving one too many list items, how can I remove the last empty line?

I’ve managed to find the answer to my problem of empty custom fields showing on the page. /** Get Fitness Custom Fields from listing page **/ add_filter( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘something_custom_fields’, 23 ); function something_custom_fields() { //Get picture from post meta or template directory $thumb = get_post_meta($post->ID,’Thumbnail’, true); $thumb = ( !empty( $thumb ) ) ? $thumb …

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How to make a text string into a bullet list [closed]

If your string is delimited by a comma , you can explode the string at this point into pieces (an array of items). If your string is separated by something else, such as spaces or | then explode that instead. <?php //assuming your string might look like: “USA, Canada, Japan, Russia” $countries = bp_member_profile_data( ‘field=Countries’ …

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