Download c++ in existing visual studio 2017

1.Go to Control panel 2.In the Add or Remove Programs dialog box, select the product you want to repair and then click Change/Remove 3.In the Setup wizard, click Next 4.Click Repair 5.Then Modify it by selecting C++ to add it. Note : This work in Window OS only


To answer the first part of your question: LPCSTR is a pointer to a const string (LP means Long Pointer) LPCTSTR is a pointer to a const TCHAR string, (TCHAR being either a wide char or char depending on whether UNICODE is defined in your project) LPTSTR is a pointer to a (non-const) TCHAR string In practice when talking about these in the past, … Read more

cin.eof() functionality

I understand that cin.eof() tests the stream format. And while giving input, end of character is not reached when there is wrong in the input. I tested this on my MSV C++ 2010 and am not understanding the strange results. No matter what I give the input, I am getting Format Error message that is … Read more