php exec() is not executing the command

I already said that I was new to exec() function. After doing some more digging, I came upon 2>&1 which needs to be added at the end of command in exec(). Thanks @mattosmat for pointing it out in the comments too. I did not try this at once because you said it is a Linux command, I am on Windows. So, what … Read more

how to empty recyclebin through command prompt?

You can effectively “empty” the Recycle Bin from the command line by permanently deleting the Recycle Bin directory on the drive that contains the system files. (In most cases, this will be the C: drive, but you shouldn’t hardcode that value because it won’t always be true. Instead, use the %systemdrive% environment variable.) The reason that this tactic works … Read more

What’s a good (free) visual merge tool for Git? (on windows)

On Windows, a good 3-way diff/merge tool remains kdiff3 (WinMerge, for now, is still 2-way based, pending WinMerge3) See “How do you merge in GIT on Windows?” and this config. Update 7 years later (Aug. 2018): Artur Kędzior mentions in the comments: If you guys happen to use Visual Studio (Community Edition is free), try the tool that is shipped with it: vsDiffMerge.exe. It’s … Read more

Best practice for exiting batch file?

Personally I use exit. The normal exit command simply terminates the current script, and the parent (for example if you were running a script from command line, or calling it from another batch file) exit /b is used to terminate the current script, but leaves the parent window/script/calling label open. With exit, you can also add an error level … Read more

How do I execute a *.dll file

To run the functions in a DLL, first find out what those functions are using any PE (Portable Executable) analysis program (e.g. Dependency Walker). Then use RUNDLL32.EXE with this syntax: dllname is the path and name of your dll file, entrypoint is the function name, and optional arguments are the function arguments

Dependency Walker: missing dlls

These are API-sets – essentially, an extra level of call indirection introduced gradually since windows 7. Dependency walker development seemingly halted long before that, and it can’t handle API sets properly. So these are all false alarms and nothing to worry about. You’re not missing anything. Also see On API-MS-WIN-XXXXX.DLL, and Other Dependency Walker Glitches. … Read more

Git Bash doesn’t see my PATH

Got it. As a Windows user, I’m used to type executable names without extensions. In my case, I wanted to execute a file called cup.bat. In a Windows shell, typing cup would be enough. Bash doesn’t work this way, it wants the full name. Typing cup.bat solved the problem. (I wasn’t able to run the file though, since apparently bash … Read more

Unable to start MySQL server

I had the same issue. Try this, it should work! Right click on MySQL Notifier -> Actions -> Manage Monitored Items Highlight the MySQL56 entry and click the delete button Click the add button -> windows service Scroll down and look for MySQL56 Highlight it and click ok