Get form fields data on form submission using forminator plugin

While I can’t comment on Forminator on this stack, there is a basic mistake involving add_action causing the error message in your log. The cause of this is that your function requires 2 arguments to work, but you did not tell add_action this, so it used the default 1: add_action( string $hook_name, callable $callback, int … Read more

Forminator + Hubspot Workflows

For anyone that want’s to know, I fixed it myself: function send_form_data_to_hubspot_pipeline($form_data, $form_id) { // Set the API key and pipeline ID $api_key = ‘YOUR-HS-API-KEY’; $pipeline_id = ‘YOUR-PIPELINE-ID’; // Create the contact data array $contact_data = array( ‘properties’ => array( array( ‘property’ => ’email’, ‘value’ => $form_data[’email-1′] ), array( ‘property’ => ‘firstname’, ‘value’ => $form_data[‘name-1’] … Read more

How can I get lost form data back? [closed]

It depends on how the plugin saves data. If it just processes the data (sending an email, for example), then the submitted data is lost. If the plugin stores the data, it may be in the backup copies of your database, depending on when the backups were done relative to the form submittal. (You do … Read more