How to submit a button automatically after every scheduled hours?

You were on the right track with the second try. Put this is functions.php, or wherever: if (!wp_next_scheduled(‘fetch_webcategories_hook’)) { wp_schedule_event( time(), ‘hourly’, ‘fetch_webcategories_hook’ ); } add_action ( ‘fetch_webcategories_hook’, ‘fetch_webcategories’ ); It’s not quite a real hourly schedule because somebody has to visit the site to trigger it, so if you have VERY low traffic it … Read more

Using WordPress API to mass update posts freezes the server

This guy here got the following results doing something like “If you are importing a high volume of posts, go make a cup of tea. For this tutorial, I have created around ~1600 dummy posts. The progress bar below is up to 429/1600 after 4 minutes. It took around 15 minutes to complete the 1600 … Read more

Forminator + Hubspot Workflows

For anyone that want’s to know, I fixed it myself: function send_form_data_to_hubspot_pipeline($form_data, $form_id) { // Set the API key and pipeline ID $api_key = ‘YOUR-HS-API-KEY’; $pipeline_id = ‘YOUR-PIPELINE-ID’; // Create the contact data array $contact_data = array( ‘properties’ => array( array( ‘property’ => ’email’, ‘value’ => $form_data[’email-1′] ), array( ‘property’ => ‘firstname’, ‘value’ => $form_data[‘name-1’] … Read more