Running a long script in PHP

You can add some settings to your script to reduce count of imported products in one run. The simplest way – add fields like “Import from” and “Imported count”. You can run your script several times playing with “Import from” parameter and import 200 products (for example) per one time.

Bulk import in custom taxonomy

The Function: Add new terms and term meta values from .csv file below should help. 1. Requirements The .csv file must have a header row. The function below is defined to receive a .csv with a minimum of three columns to fill these WP_Term fields: name, slug, and description. However, the suggested function updates and … Read more

Where can I add list of external URL for WP ADD link tool?

if you install Betheme there is a add “shop slider” which lets you to list your products according you catagories. you dont need CVS file, or final link etc, allready you may change your final links later thus this way may give you extra job effort. however if you use betheme, you can just add … Read more