How to download a file over HTTP?

Use urllib.request.urlopen(): This is the most basic way to use the library, minus any error handling. You can also do more complex stuff such as changing headers. On Python 2, the method is in urllib2:

How to prevent errno 32 broken pipe?

Your server process has received a SIGPIPE writing to a socket. This usually happens when you write to a socket fully closed on the other (client) side. This might be happening when a client program doesn’t wait till all the data from the server is received and simply closes a socket (using close function). In a C program you …

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ImportError: No module named ‘Tkinter’

You probably need to install it using one of (or something similar to) the following: You can also mention version number like this sudo apt-get install python3.7-tk for python 3.7. Why don’t you try this and let me know if it worked: Here is the reference link and here are the docs Better to check versions as suggested here: Or you …

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