VBScript to send email without running Outlook

You can send email without Outlook in VBScript using the CDO.Message object. You will need to know the address of your SMTP server to use this: If your SMTP server requires a username and password then paste these lines in above the MyEmail.Configuration.Fields.Update line: More information on using CDO to send email with VBScript can …

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How to set delay in vbscript

Work this end (XP). Create a new file, call it test.vbs. Put this in it. Run it, notice the delay before the message box is shown. Note, the number is in Milliseconds, so 1000 is 1 second.

Run Command Line & Command From VBS

The problem is on this line: Your first quote next to “S:Claims” ends the string; you need to escape the quotes around your files with a second quote, like this: You also have a typo in S:Claims\Sound.wav, should be S:\Claims\Sound.wav. I also assume the apostrophe before Dim oShell and after Set oShell = Nothing are typos as well.