C++ error ‘Undefined reference to Class::Function()’ [duplicate]

What are you using to compile this? If there’s an undefined reference error, usually it’s because the .o file (which gets created from the .cpp file) doesn’t exist and your compiler/build system is not able to link it.

Also, in your card.cpp, the function should be Card::Card() instead of void Card. The Card:: is scoping; it means that your Card() function is a member of the Card class (which it obviously is, since it’s the constructor for that class). Without this, void Card is just a free function. Similarly,

void Card(Card::Rank rank, Card::Suit suit)

should be

Card::Card(Card::Rank rank, Card::Suit suit)

Also, in deck.cpp, you are saying #include "Deck.h" even though you referred to it as deck.h. The includes are case sensitive.

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