Is the object cached?

If you use the WordPress API to retrieve the metadata, then it should be cached for you. If you do other complex stuff, there is the Transients API for caching data yourself, which will take advantage of whatever object cache you use with WordPress. EDIT – I should clarify, it’ll be loaded for each request …

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TInyMCE object Tag stripped

I’m not 100% sure, but this problem seems related to the unfiltered_html capability restriction. unfiltered_html Since 2.0 Allows user to post HTML markup or even JavaScript code in pages, posts, and comments. Note: Enabling this option for untrusted users may result in their posting malicious or poorly formatted code. An easy fix (and probably a …

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UML diagrams of WordPress

I don´t know any sequence diagram for WordPress but if you decide to built them yourself (which would be appreciated 🙂 ) you may get some inspiration from these sequence diagrams created for Drupal

Trying to get property of non-object “ wordpress ”

It looks like the $args passed to the function is not an object for some reason. I can’t see the origin of this problem but for a quick solution, you can add $args = (object) $args; before the first time you use $args, here on line 44 Also, as commented by toscho, dropdown_menu() is not …

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Same taxonomy for different object types

Those are different object types that belong to different tables and hence can have same primary key ID. –> Even though these are different types, all are being stored in one table i.e. wp_posts with post_type = the different types. Check the table structure for clarity. So there won’t be any same ID conflict. if …

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Extending the WP_Widget_Text class

Think about it, why would WordPress do anything just because you have defined additional class? It’s not magic (neither magical magic or code driven magic). The text widget doesn’t appear simply because class exists. When WordPress loads it runs wp_widgets_init(), which executes register_widget(‘WP_Widget_Text’). So technically you cannot tell it to use different class. What you …

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