Downloading a file with PowerShell

Invoke-WebRequest comes with a parameter to store its result in a file: -OutFile

Invoke-WebRequest URL -OutFile c:\file.ext

If you need authorization before you can send a request like this:

Invoke-WebRequest URL /* whatever is neccesary to login */ -SessionVariable MySession
Invoke-WebRequest URL -WebSession $MySession

To determine the layout of the form where the login happens, you can use Invoke-WebRequests return object. It’ll collect information about forms and fields on the HTML (might be Windows only). Mileage of logging in may vary with things like Two-Factor-Auth active or not. Probably you can create some secret link to your file which does not need Auth or possibly google allows you to create a private access token of some sort, which can be send aus Authorization-Header alongside your request.

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