PowerShell and the -contains operator

The -Contains operator doesn’t do substring comparisons and the match must be on a complete string and is used to search collections.

From the documentation you linked to:

-Contains Description: Containment operator. Tells whether a collection of reference values includes a single test value.

In the example you provided you’re working with a collection containing just one string item.

If you read the documentation you linked to you’ll see an example that demonstrates this behaviour:


PS C:\> "abc", "def" -Contains "def"

PS C:\> "Windows", "PowerShell" -Contains "Shell"
False  #Not an exact match

I think what you want is the -Match operator:

"12-18" -Match "-"

Which returns True.

Important: As pointed out in the comments and in the linked documentation, it should be noted that the -Match operator uses regular expressions to perform text matching.

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