How can I split and parse a string in Python?

"2.7.0_bf4fda703454".split("_") gives a list of strings:

In [1]: "2.7.0_bf4fda703454".split("_")
Out[1]: ['2.7.0', 'bf4fda703454']

This splits the string at every underscore. If you want it to stop after the first split, use "2.7.0_bf4fda703454".split("_", 1).

If you know for a fact that the string contains an underscore, you can even unpack the LHS and RHS into separate variables:

In [8]: lhs, rhs = "2.7.0_bf4fda703454".split("_", 1)

In [9]: lhs
Out[9]: '2.7.0'

In [10]: rhs
Out[10]: 'bf4fda703454'

An alternative is to use partition(). The usage is similar to the last example, except that it returns three components instead of two. The principal advantage is that this method doesn’t fail if the string doesn’t contain the separator.

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