How do I find a shortcode stored in wordpress?

not sure if this helps but has a list of shortcodes available within WordPress. remember that themes may add additional codes.

I’ve tried to format my reply so the codes are on separate lines but can’t work out how to do it. If someone could edit my answer/format it so I can learn that would be much appreciated.

Available shortcodes


[dailymotion] embeds a DailyMotion video
[flickr] embeds a Flickr video
[hulu] embeds a Hulu video
[kickstarter] embeds a Kickstarter video
[ted] embeds a TED Talks video
[twitchtv] embeds a stream
[ustream] embeds a Ustream.TV video
[vimeo] embeds a Vimeo video
[wpvideo] embeds a VideoPress video
[youtube] embeds a YouTube video
[archiveorg] embeds a video from The Internet Archive


displays uploaded audio file as an audio player
displays a playlist for uploaded uploaded audio files
[soundcloud] embeds audio from SoundCloud
[spotify] embeds music from Spotify
[bandcamp] embeds music from Bandcamp
[8tracks] embeds music from 8tracks

Images and Documents

inserts an image gallery into a post or page
[instagram] embeds an image from Instagram
[scribd] embeds a document/file from Scribd
[slideshare] embeds a slideshow from
[slideshow] embeds a slideshow of uploaded photos
[presentation] embeds a slideshow presentation
[googleapps] embeds a document from Google Docs
[lytro] embeds an image from Lytro » Full instructions
[vr] embeds 360° photos and panoramas for use with VR headsets
[office] embeds documents from Microsoft Office Live