How do I make search only search in post content?

This line in $wp_query might be of interest: $where = apply_filters_ref_array(‘posts_where’, array( $where, &$this ) ); You could probably use a filter to toss in an additional post_type=”post”. Something like: function search_where( $where, &$wp_query ) { if ( $wp_query->is_search ){ where .= ” AND post_type=”post””; } return $where; } add_filter(‘posts_where’, ‘search_where’, 10, 2);

Customise search page depending on result

You can create a template file in your theme that is used to display search results. It is called search.php. If it does not exist the index.php file is displayed. At the top of that file, or wherever you want, you can place extra code that queries your special posts (depending on how you saved …

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admin : search custom fields

Don’t know what’s wrong with that link but you can see an answer to a similar question how to filter post listing (in WP dashboard posts listing) using a custom field (search functionality) ? Its just what you are looking for.