How to uninstall ruby installed by ruby-install

Unfortunately appears that ruby-install just downloads and compiles Ruby, with no option to remove it, unlike RVM or rbenv.

So, probably you’ll need to run some manual commands here to delete all installed files.

1. Locate it

Usually ruby-install will install rubies in ~/.rubies/ folder.

If you’re not sure which ruby was installed using ruby-install, locate the file .installed.list, as it has a list of installed files during Ruby install. If you want to quickly locate it, just run locate .installed.list and you’ll get a short list of them.

Then run a cat on the file located at the version you want to remove, to make sure which is the root folder for the ruby install you want to delete.

2. Remove it

Then you can just remove the folder where the target version is located.

If you want to remove ruby-1.9.3-p545, run:

rm -Rf ~/.rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p545

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