Need pages with same names in multiple subdirectories

It sounds like you’ll need to create the page templates with filenames such as tpl-calculator-1.php, tpl-calculator-2.php, etc. You then make sure to put a comment at the top of each template to give it a user-friendly name that will appear in the Editor:

 * Template Name: Events Thank You

Files named this way will not be automatically applied, so instead you’ll edit each page (or custom post type) and manually choose the template. A dropdown will appear and you’ll choose your user-friendly template name from the dropdown:

Screen shot of template dropdown

Another way to approach this is to create each section as a custom post type. So you’ll have life posts, property posts, and auto posts. If you do it this way, it’s extra easy to restrict each post type to only be edited by certain roles. You can also have these template automatically apply by naming them single-{posttype}-slug.php – for example, single-life-calculator.php and single-auto-calculator.php.