Discord OAuth2 redirect URI how-to

You need to have your own webserver with some path to make your redirect url. For example, if you owned example.com, you could have example.com/discord be the url to redirect the client to after they login via Discord.

C++ network programming

To understand sockets and use them right, you need The Sockets Bible: W. Richard Stevens, Unix Network Programming, Volume 1: The Sockets Networking API (3rd Edition) You absolutely must have this book before you sit down to write a line of sockets code. Don’t leave home without it. Really. Starting around $35 used at Amazon. EDIT: The OP asked about …

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Discord music bot not working

Ok, I have two solutions for you. This first one is a block of code I have used and I can say it works from experience. It requires ffmpeg, opusscript and ytdl: This second option which I would highly recommend is a node module that has many more advanced features that are hard to implement such as: musichelp [command]: …

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