Convert data.frame column to a vector?

I’m going to attempt to explain this without making any mistakes, but I’m betting this will attract a clarification or two in the comments. A data frame is a list. When you subset a data frame using the name of a column and [, what you’re getting is a sublist (or a sub data frame). If you want … Read more

How can I change the name of a data frame

The truth is that objects in R don’t have names per-se. There exists different kinds of environments, including a global one for every process. These environments have lists of names, that point to various objects. Two different names can point to the same object. This is best explained to my knowledge in the environments chapter … Read more

Pandas dataframe groupby plot

Simple plot, you can use: Or you can set the index to be Date beforehand, then it’s easy to plot the column you want: If you want a chart with one series by ticker on it You need to groupby before: If you want a chart with individual subplots: