if else statement in AngularJS templates

Angularjs (versions below 1.1.5) does not provide the if/else functionality . Following are a few options to consider for what you want to achieve: (Jump to the update below (#5) if you are using version 1.1.5 or greater) 1. Ternary operator: As suggested by @Kirk in the comments, the cleanest way of doing this would be to …

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While else statement equivalent for Java?

The closest Java equivalent is to explicitly keep track of whether you exited the loop with a break… but you don’t actually have a break in your code, so using a while-else was pointless in the first place. For Java folks (and Python folks) who don’t know what Python’s while-else does, an else clause on a while loop executes if the loop ends without …

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Batch – If, ElseIf, Else

The point is that batch simply continues through instructions, line by line until it reaches a goto, exit or end-of-file. It has no concept of sections to control flow. Hence, entering de would jump to :languagede then simply continue executing instructions until the file ends, showing de then en then not found.

Using OR operator in a jQuery if statement

Think about what means. || means “or.” The negation of this is (by DeMorgan’s Laws): In other words, the only way that this could be false is if a state equals 10, 15, and 19 (and the rest of the numbers in your or statement) at the same time, which is impossible. Thus, this statement will always be true. State 15 …

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In python, how can I print lines that do NOT contain a certain string, rather than print lines which DO contain a certain string:

The problem isn’t your use of not, it’s that or doesn’t mean what you think it does (and if you think it through, it couldn’t): You’re asking whether the expression (“StatusRequest” or “StatusResponse”) appears in line. But that expression is just the same thing as “StatusRequest”. Put it in English: you’re not trying to say “if neither of these is in line”. Python …

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