wp-salt.php and wp-cli.yml File present in public_html folder

These are safe. Normally the contents of wp-salt.php is in the wp-config.php. The reason you site became inaccessible is due to the change in wp-config.php to include wp-salt.php. I.e. include(‘wp-salt.php’); You can delete wp-salt.php, but be sure to copy the defines into the wp-config.php were the “include(‘wp-salt.php’);” line is and remove the “include(‘wp-salt.php’);” line. The … Read more

WordPress broken dashboard with ninja-shell text

Since you found a suspicious user, there’s a good chance your site has been hacked. The easiest thing to do is have the professionals take a look. At minimum, install a new security plugin and scan your site, delete suspicious files, take the time to weed out unused plugins and update everything, change your login … Read more

WordPress Hacks/Defacing [closed]

Even when WordPress is running version 3.1, sites are still being defaced. Even? There had been one major and five security releases since that version. If you are implying that 3.1 should be reasonably secure – it is not. but the only answer seems to be outdated WordPress sites What had you done to exclude … Read more

My site appears to be hacked [closed]

Look at all of the ‘related’ links to the right of your question for help with a hacked site. I would reinstall everything (WP, themes, plugins), check htaccess files (in all folders, not just the site root folder), change all site access passwords (ftp, host, email), check your local computer, look for unexpected files (in … Read more

Should WordPress Add Options to Enhance Security or Leave it to plugin developers? [closed]

RE: Username – admin Since version 3.0 the installer asks the user to provide a username for the main account, you obviously won’t get this option if you upgrade from an older version(because it’s not a new installation). You can see an image of this here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Step_5:_Run_the_Install_Script RE: Blocking malicious users There’s no real effective … Read more