How to use webpack in WordPress theme? I want some scripts to load in the footer, some in the header and some with script parameters

What is the right and clean way to load these files in WordPress? The same way as you’ve always done it, wp_enqueue_script. WordPress is unaware that webpack created the javascript file, and it is just that, a javascript file. This is true wether it contains jquery, was written by hand, or was created by a … Read more

Show category name in category.php when posts assigned to multiple categories

For the heading on a category archive use either: the_archive_title(); Or: single_term_title(); The first one can be used on the template for any archive, while the second should only be used on category, tag, or taxonomy archive templates. You shouldn’t need to get anything from any of the individual posts. They may have other categories … Read more

Querying by post category slug with core/query block markup

You should not modify the taxQuery value, or that it should always be in the form of {“<taxonomy>”:[<term IDs>],”<taxonomy>”:[<term IDs>],”<taxonomy>”:[<term IDs>],…}. But you can add custom arguments, so “categoryName”:”news” is good. And then you can use the query_loop_block_query_vars filter to add the category slug to the WP_Query arguments coming from the Query Loop block. Here’s … Read more

Best approach to change mobile background image and adding its class

As I am extending core/group block to add option for setting different image for smaller displays I used render_block_core/group filter to add style tag. I am already adding data-mobile-background-image to each group for its mobile view background image so there is no need for updating it through ID as suggested by Tom J Nowell. Final … Read more

Only show read more text when when wp:post-excerpt meets excerptLength

To override the behavior of the render_block_core_post_excerpt function in a Block Theme, especially to customize the “Read More” link behavior based on the excerptLength, you’ll need to unregister the original block and register your own customized version of it. This process involves a few steps: Deregister the Original Block: You need to deregister the original … Read more