Elementor Contact Form Submit button has empty class

You can add below code in your JS file and replace the class demo with class name you want to add. I have made this code as per the structure in the URL you have shared above. jQuery(“#content-form-b1e59dc”).find(“button”).addClass(“demo”);

Virus injected to my wordpress site

Although hacked sites are not within scope here (and your question will be closed because of that policy), there are questions here about hacked sites that have answers that will be helpful (I’ve written a couple of them). Cleanup is time-consuming, but possible. Generally – Change passwords on everything, including your admin-level user and hosting … Read more

Font Awesome Icons as squares [closed]

You should be using Font Awesome’s provided <link> or <script> tag(s) that they give you with your kit. It should look like this: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://kit.fontawesome.com/xxxxx.css” crossorigin=”anonymous”> or if you prefer the JS method: <script src=”https://kit.fontawesome.com/xxxxxxx.js” crossorigin=”anonymous”></script> Copying and pasting the code from their CSS file to your local one isn’t advisable because there are … Read more